Scandinavian Science Fiction Association

Skandinavisk Förening för Science Fiction (SFSF), in English Scandinavian Science Fiction Association, was founded in 1960 with the aim to promote the interest in Science Fiction in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. Since then the sphere of interest has broadened to include fantasy and horror. This website informs on activities in the association, as a book circle, pub meetings and minicons. Since most members are living in Stockholm and its suburbs most meetings and other acitivites take place in the Stockholm area. The membership fee is 100 SEK per year. Membership includes subscription to the paper fanzine SF-Forum which is in Swedish and is published 2-3 times per year. Please contact our treasurer, Michael Pargman (, if you would like to join the association.

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Pubmöte på Bishop's Arms. Foto Mårten Svantesson.

Pubmöten med Stockholmsfandom

Tredje tisdagen i månaden från kl 18.00 på Bishops Arms Gamla Stan (Tyska Brinken 36), Stockholm.

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Eurocon 2023 Uppsala 8-11 juni

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